Monday, May 2, 2011

No matter what I will remain...

I’ve found that spiritual principles most often transform into simple reality. Understanding those simple realities and living in them become the hardest part of our lives. Drink my blood? Eat my flesh? That sounds so odd and strange and hard to grasp. I recently had a dream where I was a little girl and the devil was a hand reaching out of the ceiling of my child hood home. When it went to grab me it hissed while the fingers moved. But no matter how hard it tried, I didn’t get caught in its grasp. There were others who the hand did touch and I wondered why I wasn’t being grabbed. All of a sudden I realized that one day I had drank the blood. I was so happy drinking Jesus had worked, it was the only reason I wasn’t being grabbed. Even now (in my dream) when I had forgotten about Him, the act that one time alone was good for today. This gave me faith even when I woke. Faith that it really is an eternal act...believing in the blood that redeemed me. Salvation becomes a simple reality that can’t be understood by seeing with our natural eyes. It needs to be embraced as a proclamation of the heart that says, “no matter what happens to me, because of his blood I will remain”. Knowing the intimacy of salvation makes me want to pass it out like bread to the starving. There really is nothing more precious we can give any person, no matter the state of physical hunger they’re in, than the Bread of Life. It’s no ones job to convince people that Jesus is real, that God exists, or that there even exists salvation. Instead we are to live out salvation as we embrace Him as our bread of life, and continue to do good to all those God puts in our path. 

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