Monday, April 18, 2011

Light of My Life

She closed the door on her heart, used bars and locks
Through what window will a breeze remind her she's mine
No invitations, no recommendations 
A stillness left to question the direction she can't find
It's safer now, though much lonlier still
It's like home, but the one she thought she'd left
I saw the stale curtains that once danced to the wind
That felt like summer nights with the grass beneath her skin
The clock stood still for me as eternity seemed her waiting
I decided it was time for her to see the glow of eyes that once replaced her moon
With all windows locked, I became bold and without doubt
Knocked on the door and waited for the sound 
It was opened wide for once and for all 
For with excitement she knew it was I
Who could never break windows, but always broke time 
To come to the rescue of the one 
Who made my night sky disappear 
 As her eyes met mine, still I would say 
"The light of my life you will remain"

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