Friday, May 27, 2011

One Space

Help me exist in this moment, where I'm in love with mankind
Let compassion burn through me, leave me refined
Let this understanding stain my life
That there are no dreams broken in your time
Let my substance be your touch
Let my countenance be your reach
Drench me in colors that can't fade
At any moment come and invade
This soul that exists as a black hole
That seeks out life to be made whole
Let my rotation be not in vain
Let my gravitation pull in your rain 
For I exist for your pleasure alone
I don't want to make life my own
Only for your purpose, only in your embrace
Help me stand complete in this one space

Monday, May 23, 2011

Abide In Me...

At times I forget what it means to simply abide in Christ. Somehow simply abiding has been cast down to 'passive' living. I get so caught up in needing some kind of greater intimacy, revelation, or knowledge, that I become blinded to the love that grows when I am just resting in him. His love being enough without my longings to tell me otherwise is not a disenchantment of the yearning passion I should have. Instead it is the development of what alone brings peace and real passion into existence. Abiding in him is not only purely passionate but sustains me unto righteousness. How else can he sustain his righteous ones as he has promised to do, unless I give up striving for that righteousness and intimacy with him and exist in the reflection of the cross. That reflection is the abiding. It is the ability to realize that he is not looking at me for righteousness, he is looking at me for faith. When his son becomes my covering for righteousness I understand the beauty of not only grace, but the beauty of simply abiding.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Let them come...

Let the little ones come  -  Emma Mikityuk (Team Member)
Jesus said, "Let the little ones come unto me", and it is to no suprise why He would say that when you experience the reality of being surrounded by pure innocence and joy. Jesus' words about the kingdom of heaven belonging to such little ones take on real meaning when you watch the little ones here worship their loving Father.
volt-2010-Roseville-19.JPG volt-2010-Roseville-20.JPG
The truth of what they know, what they experience, and of what God seeks from each one of us is evident here. Jesus said He is looking for those who worship in spirit and in truth and if He was to look upon the earth in the moment these children worship, all of His attention would be on them.
volt-2010-Roseville-23.JPG volt-2010-Roseville-24.JPG 
The pure love they express with their voices and their bodies as they lift up their hands or touch their hearts, moves you to tears. And as the Spirit of God moves among them you hear Him whisper "this is how you are to worship".
But the worship doesn't end when the singing is over. The little ones here worship God with the way they line up for their food and wait patiently, the way they eat silently and thankfully, and the way they make sure not to leave leftovers. They know the meaning of being thankful for each meal. Many times we come and think we can teach these little minds something about God, when God has other plans and allows the little ones to teach our hearts how to better love Him.

As our hearts are forever changed from such an experience, the knowledge of God grows as well, and we are the ones leaving with minds renewed. The real teachers are left here in the care of their loving Father, worshiping in spirit and in truth, living out the meaning of living life to the fullest.
If everyone was given a chance to look at the worship of these children, they would understand the abundance of Him, of life. 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fashioned by Love...

God wants to dress us in garments of righteousness. He longs for us to trade in our rags, our altered appearances with their “burden of striving” price tags. How tiring and mundane life becomes when we don’t take time to look into our own closets, and instead search after garments the world puts such a high price on. We only come to find that our searching, effort, and time has left us with an unsatisfied state of mind, weary from trying on everybody else’s thoughts. Why all the striving to be different or new when the priceless garments waiting to be discovered in our very own closets are unique? They are of the highest value, fashioned by love. The beauty of their vivid colors expresses our worth, our worth to their Maker. How joyous the look on His face when we delight in what He has to offer. He didn’t have to make them so wonderful, so perfect, but He did just to show us how perfectly He knows us; how He knows exactly what our hearts desire. Every detail says, “ I know YOU best,” and He cant wait to see how we look in them. As we stand before Him clothed in these precious garments we cant help but exclaim, “This fits perfectly, this makes me feel as if my value outweighs the universe, this makes me feel like a true child of the Most High King!” He cant wait to dress us in garments that can so well make us feel exactly how he intended us to feel. But will we take the time to let him take our measurements, allow him to know us more intimately as he strips off our worldly rags? That we may open our closet to find garments fashioned precisely to express who we were made to be, to express who it is we belong to.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


He cuts deep to rewire 
The only way to restore
The pain is to bring your brighter days ahead
Brighter in love, joy, and peace
Brighter in knowing forgivness
Brighter in knowing sacrifice
To understand why it is you have been called
To understand who it is that calls you by name
No purpose lost but the one to waist this life
No vision unforseen but the one to be blinded by your own
Given over to a life not yours
Makes this world make sense
The travels are many when the vessels empty
The destination changing but never far
To be beside the Captain
No greater satisfaction can you find in this life
 Once I was in the water with the hungry men
Restoration has brought me back to the place
 Where eternity needed me most
Beside my Captain, heading home

Monday, May 2, 2011

No matter what I will remain...

I’ve found that spiritual principles most often transform into simple reality. Understanding those simple realities and living in them become the hardest part of our lives. Drink my blood? Eat my flesh? That sounds so odd and strange and hard to grasp. I recently had a dream where I was a little girl and the devil was a hand reaching out of the ceiling of my child hood home. When it went to grab me it hissed while the fingers moved. But no matter how hard it tried, I didn’t get caught in its grasp. There were others who the hand did touch and I wondered why I wasn’t being grabbed. All of a sudden I realized that one day I had drank the blood. I was so happy drinking Jesus had worked, it was the only reason I wasn’t being grabbed. Even now (in my dream) when I had forgotten about Him, the act that one time alone was good for today. This gave me faith even when I woke. Faith that it really is an eternal act...believing in the blood that redeemed me. Salvation becomes a simple reality that can’t be understood by seeing with our natural eyes. It needs to be embraced as a proclamation of the heart that says, “no matter what happens to me, because of his blood I will remain”. Knowing the intimacy of salvation makes me want to pass it out like bread to the starving. There really is nothing more precious we can give any person, no matter the state of physical hunger they’re in, than the Bread of Life. It’s no ones job to convince people that Jesus is real, that God exists, or that there even exists salvation. Instead we are to live out salvation as we embrace Him as our bread of life, and continue to do good to all those God puts in our path.