Saturday, July 28, 2012


There are moments in life where everything makes sense. Split moments when the universe is aligned with a window into God's plans. But not only his plans, you feel as if you have a story and you see his hand writing, knowing there's more. You feel important, seen, known by your maker in the fullest sense. This moment is just that. A moment. There are no seconds to it. Just one slight understanding that you're not forgotten. An understanding that no one can give you this moment. An understanding that you were made to live in a moment like this for eternity when that little window will become a home you dwell in. If you don't understand this moment you haven't had it. Your time will come. And when it does don't try to grasp the meaning of your life, because in a split second that same meaning will change. Just grasp the hand that created it and hold on for the rest. And moment by moment you will learn of his sweetness, you will learn of his love, his delight in you, and most importantly his never ending grace that keeps extending through these windows. Never because of something you did, never because of who you are. But only because of one truth that whether you are near or far to him remains certain. You were created for him, by him, and whether you use your moments to know him is up to you.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

When Life Seems To Cater

With my eyes set on you there's no left or no right
No bridges to cross just your hands on both sides

And I'll think of us in this way when I waver 
In thought or in action, when life seems to cater 

The fears, the what ifs, the lonely feel 
Of no hands to trust or arms to seem real

I'll remember how far you've brought me to know
In my life I've never been left alone

Every night I felt you, and felt your need
To tell me our story with memories

Setting my thoughts in truth
 As conviction resets the course 

I cling to the wholeness your breath came to restore
To speak to my soul and make known

The worth of my heart 
Is the love it will hold

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Climbing Ladders

Been stepping on stones 
Waiting to fall right in

It's hard to leave crumbs
When that's all I got left to eat

Can't wait for a hero 
When I'm always doing the rescuing 

Can't be the princess 
When in true loves eyes I'm a queen

Warm, cold, hot, still doesn't feel right
Didn't want to taste what was never mine

 Pouring back the porridge 
Giving into thought 

Climbed the ladders high enough 
Found the giants to be small

No towers left to keep me
No powers to defeat me

When the heart knows what it wants
No reason can set the mood

To turn numbness into life
And return a love that I once knew

Friday, December 16, 2011

Love Free

Paid attention to the sound 
Watched the waves toss around

Braced myself for understanding
Listened for greater gaining

No burning bush to distill these thoughts
Only the one I watch and gaze upon

Becoming my set decision
To act out love with no condition

Such change in thought not just fundamental
But like air I breath it is essential

Not slowly becoming the new creation
But being to others the sole initiation

To letting him reign so they can see
The one I envision as I love free

Monday, November 21, 2011


A reflection of love in rest
A connection with grace at best

Finer things in life cannot be found
Sweeter notes will never sound

Than your whisper in my ear
Stay here with me, be near

A surrender of my will unneeded
When a rendered heart is greeted

By the giver of my days
By the keeper of my ways

To places left untouched 
To places left defeated

Until words came to grasp 
My heart, my mind, my life

Replacing what once I called my sight
 Your voice, my sweet lullaby 

Monday, October 3, 2011


Like scattered seeds are the scattered hearts
 Like summers heat are the blisters from

 A life of not knowing who planted us here
 A life of not knowing why no water is near

 Unscatter us that we might grow
 Water us that we might know

 When unquenched desire arises within
 When our strive to live is growing thin

 Give us a place to rest our feet
 Give us the courage to take our seat

 On dusty trails where no love is found
 Provide your will to make the ground

 That has no stones to throw without
 First looking at the weeds come out 

 Our withered hearts that need to know
 The planter who desires his seeds may grow 

Friday, September 2, 2011


Unmasked to see a familiar face that stared at me so long ago
Seems like only yesterday I promised her I'd never change

Years of living without her say
Of what she thought or how she felt

Found her hiding and set her free
With her alive I can finally see

The one I masked so long ago
She's shown me more truth than I'll ever know

I can feel her telling me to be
The girl that loved to be alone

Because alone was her way of knowing him
Alone were her enchanted days

Magical lands were not in her fairy tales
Magical lands were not in her dreams

They were all around her in every step
The king welcomed her with every breath

Existing here was a gift unwrapped
Living here was figuring out

How to use that gift inside
How to live a life unmasked

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Teaching me to choose you above all else
Teaching me to trust what I can't understand 
Giving me the chance to reorganize my life
Knowing I will see it's always tied
To pleasing and reaching 
But somehow slowly decreasing
The value of time
The things on my mind
The way that I feel when your close to my side
Teaching me to see when your calling me near 
Teaching me to live under no fear
That somehow I'll miss you in the roads that I choose
That somehow I'll miss the things that you use

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

This Safe Place

A stillness you bring to my life running free
A stillness that allows me to see how you see me
With a smile on my face and a peace in my soul
I find myself thinking about this safe place you've shown me
I find myself waiting for the next moment
I'll be taken into what's mine
This world of you wanting to be with me
Surrounded by people yet feeling seen
Surrounded by noise but hearing a song
I can't understand anymore with my mind
Im only learning to feel this time
What it means to be still and know you are here
What it means to know and find my heart
Beating with you from the very start

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


 He's in love with his rhythm
I'm getting lost in his beat
His melody entwines my affections 
I can tell he's been places in his soul
Places where we've met before
He leaves a trace of his divine
For me to assemble into my own perfect rhyme
Pieces string away after other affections 
To leave holes of beaming light 
Where rhythm sounds her transcendence and once again
Harmony reunites me with the writing on my walls
She's become my greatest teacher 
And now I understand why he strums along
Behaving because he hears when she calls
She keeps him tied to her direction 
He's found in her a divine perfection
Harmony he says always keeps him from misbehaving