Saturday, July 28, 2012


There are moments in life where everything makes sense. Split moments when the universe is aligned with a window into God's plans. But not only his plans, you feel as if you have a story and you see his hand writing, knowing there's more. You feel important, seen, known by your maker in the fullest sense. This moment is just that. A moment. There are no seconds to it. Just one slight understanding that you're not forgotten. An understanding that no one can give you this moment. An understanding that you were made to live in a moment like this for eternity when that little window will become a home you dwell in. If you don't understand this moment you haven't had it. Your time will come. And when it does don't try to grasp the meaning of your life, because in a split second that same meaning will change. Just grasp the hand that created it and hold on for the rest. And moment by moment you will learn of his sweetness, you will learn of his love, his delight in you, and most importantly his never ending grace that keeps extending through these windows. Never because of something you did, never because of who you are. But only because of one truth that whether you are near or far to him remains certain. You were created for him, by him, and whether you use your moments to know him is up to you.