Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Climbing Ladders

Been stepping on stones 
Waiting to fall right in

It's hard to leave crumbs
When that's all I got left to eat

Can't wait for a hero 
When I'm always doing the rescuing 

Can't be the princess 
When in true loves eyes I'm a queen

Warm, cold, hot, still doesn't feel right
Didn't want to taste what was never mine

 Pouring back the porridge 
Giving into thought 

Climbed the ladders high enough 
Found the giants to be small

No towers left to keep me
No powers to defeat me

When the heart knows what it wants
No reason can set the mood

To turn numbness into life
And return a love that I once knew

Friday, December 16, 2011

Love Free

Paid attention to the sound 
Watched the waves toss around

Braced myself for understanding
Listened for greater gaining

No burning bush to distill these thoughts
Only the one I watch and gaze upon

Becoming my set decision
To act out love with no condition

Such change in thought not just fundamental
But like air I breath it is essential

Not slowly becoming the new creation
But being to others the sole initiation

To letting him reign so they can see
The one I envision as I love free