Monday, April 18, 2011

Light of My Life

She closed the door on her heart, used bars and locks
Through what window will a breeze remind her she's mine
No invitations, no recommendations 
A stillness left to question the direction she can't find
It's safer now, though much lonlier still
It's like home, but the one she thought she'd left
I saw the stale curtains that once danced to the wind
That felt like summer nights with the grass beneath her skin
The clock stood still for me as eternity seemed her waiting
I decided it was time for her to see the glow of eyes that once replaced her moon
With all windows locked, I became bold and without doubt
Knocked on the door and waited for the sound 
It was opened wide for once and for all 
For with excitement she knew it was I
Who could never break windows, but always broke time 
To come to the rescue of the one 
Who made my night sky disappear 
 As her eyes met mine, still I would say 
"The light of my life you will remain"

Saturday, April 16, 2011

It's all I want to be

I struggle because I'm human
I cry because I know I am
I'm changing to fit into the scheme of things
Just not the scheme anyone wrote
There's music in my heart I sing along to
No one can sing these songs with me
I want to share my soul with those I love 
I want to scatter my notes across the world
Somedays I'm not sure of anything but the breath I have
Other times I have no doubt I know what life is really about
I'm getting lost in time 
And finding it's better that way
I'd rather not question my mistakes
My today's they make so much brighter
These days my clouds are the color they should be
Perfectly pink and smiling
These days I'm finding I'm hungry for thought
But not about life or where I'm heading
These days I'm looking for nothing
But constantly finding Im human
And that's all I want to be

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sometimes Direction Isn't Needed

In my element following the lines of this road 
Looking down distracted, somehow I don't step off the curbs
They are easy to follow even in the dark
It hasn't always been this way
Many times I've wanted to cross the road 
But I close my eyes and keep walking
Trusting that the lines will never break 
I don't need you to show me what's next
I'd rather walk slow and feel your hand 
Moving down my back and reaching for my hands
Standing still can't stop me now
It only helps me feel a full embrace
Never will I run when I can choose to be still
Made to feel that direction isn't needed 
When you're all I'm perceiving

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Asking My Mirror

I stood before a mirror and saw every flaw
Everything I didn't want to be it shined
It broke and some days the broken pieces pierce my thoughts 
But I can stand before a better reflection now
One that makes me long to be what it sees
The broken pieces no longer need to be swept away 
They show what it was that kept me to stay
From seeing what this mirror has seen all along
Broken, flawed, misrepresented 
Perfected everytime I choose to stand 
And ask the mirror of my heart 
'What is beautiful today?'