Saturday, April 16, 2011

It's all I want to be

I struggle because I'm human
I cry because I know I am
I'm changing to fit into the scheme of things
Just not the scheme anyone wrote
There's music in my heart I sing along to
No one can sing these songs with me
I want to share my soul with those I love 
I want to scatter my notes across the world
Somedays I'm not sure of anything but the breath I have
Other times I have no doubt I know what life is really about
I'm getting lost in time 
And finding it's better that way
I'd rather not question my mistakes
My today's they make so much brighter
These days my clouds are the color they should be
Perfectly pink and smiling
These days I'm finding I'm hungry for thought
But not about life or where I'm heading
These days I'm looking for nothing
But constantly finding Im human
And that's all I want to be

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