Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Teaching me to choose you above all else
Teaching me to trust what I can't understand 
Giving me the chance to reorganize my life
Knowing I will see it's always tied
To pleasing and reaching 
But somehow slowly decreasing
The value of time
The things on my mind
The way that I feel when your close to my side
Teaching me to see when your calling me near 
Teaching me to live under no fear
That somehow I'll miss you in the roads that I choose
That somehow I'll miss the things that you use

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

This Safe Place

A stillness you bring to my life running free
A stillness that allows me to see how you see me
With a smile on my face and a peace in my soul
I find myself thinking about this safe place you've shown me
I find myself waiting for the next moment
I'll be taken into what's mine
This world of you wanting to be with me
Surrounded by people yet feeling seen
Surrounded by noise but hearing a song
I can't understand anymore with my mind
Im only learning to feel this time
What it means to be still and know you are here
What it means to know and find my heart
Beating with you from the very start

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


 He's in love with his rhythm
I'm getting lost in his beat
His melody entwines my affections 
I can tell he's been places in his soul
Places where we've met before
He leaves a trace of his divine
For me to assemble into my own perfect rhyme
Pieces string away after other affections 
To leave holes of beaming light 
Where rhythm sounds her transcendence and once again
Harmony reunites me with the writing on my walls
She's become my greatest teacher 
And now I understand why he strums along
Behaving because he hears when she calls
She keeps him tied to her direction 
He's found in her a divine perfection
Harmony he says always keeps him from misbehaving

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I saw myself in your past thoughts 
I found my heart with new insights
Your intentions as pure as my understanding
Both refined for greater gaining
Of love purified
Of grace undeserving
Of hope that keeps truly preserving
I see myself in this new life
Find my heart with new delight
Lie back and feel peace seep through
The stony road I crossed with you
To a destination still undefined
To a purpose left magnified
All to say we will become 
More dignified through grace