Monday, May 23, 2011

Abide In Me...

At times I forget what it means to simply abide in Christ. Somehow simply abiding has been cast down to 'passive' living. I get so caught up in needing some kind of greater intimacy, revelation, or knowledge, that I become blinded to the love that grows when I am just resting in him. His love being enough without my longings to tell me otherwise is not a disenchantment of the yearning passion I should have. Instead it is the development of what alone brings peace and real passion into existence. Abiding in him is not only purely passionate but sustains me unto righteousness. How else can he sustain his righteous ones as he has promised to do, unless I give up striving for that righteousness and intimacy with him and exist in the reflection of the cross. That reflection is the abiding. It is the ability to realize that he is not looking at me for righteousness, he is looking at me for faith. When his son becomes my covering for righteousness I understand the beauty of not only grace, but the beauty of simply abiding.

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