Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fashioned by Love...

God wants to dress us in garments of righteousness. He longs for us to trade in our rags, our altered appearances with their “burden of striving” price tags. How tiring and mundane life becomes when we don’t take time to look into our own closets, and instead search after garments the world puts such a high price on. We only come to find that our searching, effort, and time has left us with an unsatisfied state of mind, weary from trying on everybody else’s thoughts. Why all the striving to be different or new when the priceless garments waiting to be discovered in our very own closets are unique? They are of the highest value, fashioned by love. The beauty of their vivid colors expresses our worth, our worth to their Maker. How joyous the look on His face when we delight in what He has to offer. He didn’t have to make them so wonderful, so perfect, but He did just to show us how perfectly He knows us; how He knows exactly what our hearts desire. Every detail says, “ I know YOU best,” and He cant wait to see how we look in them. As we stand before Him clothed in these precious garments we cant help but exclaim, “This fits perfectly, this makes me feel as if my value outweighs the universe, this makes me feel like a true child of the Most High King!” He cant wait to dress us in garments that can so well make us feel exactly how he intended us to feel. But will we take the time to let him take our measurements, allow him to know us more intimately as he strips off our worldly rags? That we may open our closet to find garments fashioned precisely to express who we were made to be, to express who it is we belong to.

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