Monday, March 14, 2011

Faith or yearning.....which one is leading you?

What gives you a sense of security in life? What makes you feel like you are living life to the fullest? Are you so concerned with your future that that's all you see? How can we live in the present but be secure in our future? Jesus would tell us that we need to live by faith, which is "the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen". But how often do we live by yearning and confuse that with faith?
Its perfectly normal to have hopes and dreams and think about our futures, but if we are not careful our hopes can turn into yearning. Yearning causes us to stray from reality and produces the opposite of faith. When we strive for future success, and become focused on the future instead of the now, we only attain a false sense of security. 
In order to become aware of the present and its importance, we need to become eternally conscious. From birth an eternal conscience is placed in us, but somewhere along the road of life our “ego” or sinful nature gets fed so much that it takes over our conscious thinking and we become selfish or ego centric thinkers. Since we are born as sinners with a sinful nature, we are naturally going to feed our ego’s quicker than recognize we are selfish beings. When we keep feeding the sinful nature we drown out hearing or being sensitive to hearing the Holy Spirit. 
Learning to recognize or being aware of the Holy Spirit and our own selfish thoughts is becoming eternally conscious. It is recognizing that GOD speaks to us TODAY. Apostle Paul described a battle that is waging, that I believe is this battle to keep us in that state of thinking. I think with these words, ”I myself in my mind am a slave to God’s law, but in the sinful nature a slave to the law of sin,” he’s giving a perfect description of how we are conscious of eternity but because we are flesh we must always battle to stay in that state. We are battling to live according to what the Fathers will is, which is being revealed to us through the Holy Spirit. 
If being eternally conscious means we are carrying out our life purpose by putting all our efforts into the now, and that the present is more important than the future, then children are the ones living in the higher form of reality. Jesus uses children to show that they are the ones who will easily enter the Kingdom for the reason that they have true faith, and are perfect examples of living in the moment.
Unless we train a child otherwise, they naturally tend to do things for moments gratification. They enjoy their present moments because to them the future doesn’t exist in the way it does for adults. The future is the biggest thing an adult sees because of worry and lack of trust that comes from the lack of knowing their Maker. It is not until we begin to live with an eternal conscience that we will recognize our Maker wants to be in relationship with us NOW...that eternity begins NOW.
To maintain a relationship with our Maker we must be willing to listen to the Holy Spirit and recognize Him in our lives, the way He’s moving, the way He feels, His characteristics. He is so different to each individual. Some recognize Him quicker through music, some through natures beauty, some through little life situations. He is a supriser, speaking in all the ways mentioned, but also a gentle sweet imposer, who loves to crash pity parties and remind us that we are loved, that nothing can be as bad as it feels, that every moment of life should be filled with excitement because He the CREATOR is right HERE with us. 
If we aren’t being awakened by the Father's voice through the Spirit, then we are falling asleep, and staying in a “ego centric” dream like state, detached from the real reality. The real reality is that life on earth is short and a spec in eternity. Living with an eternal conscience means you are aware that life here is short, this is not our home. The question becomes not what are we taking with us, but who are we taking with us. People become the most important assets to us, just as they are God's most important asset. Jesus truly becomes who He says He is, (THE way, THE truth, THE life) the ONLY way to living in the highest form of reality.
(February 2009)

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