Thursday, June 16, 2011

Peace by Peace

I get past the noise to hear you say
They don’t know your heart
They can’t plan your steps
I loose track of time to feel your timing
I loose my way to see you guiding
I loose my sense to feel yours 
Pushing me to forget my past
Pushing me to live in the present
Pushing me to see the future in light of what you've done so far
I’ve never known this side before
This side of you that let's me be human
Never asked to understand 
Yet somehow you’ve been showing me it’s all part of the plan
Still don't know myself and what I really want
Still don't know my dreams and where inside they hide
But I know all I need is what you've got 
All I need is to exist in your sweet thoughts
Nowhere in time yet everywhere in between
Holding together every part of me that still can't see
Holding in your hand everything I'll need
Waiting to give it to me peace by peace

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