Monday, February 28, 2011

Let's dance slow

You seek my face, the mysteries of me
For my hand is great, but your soul it cant keep
Your heart adores me and sings new songs
It is the prize I won when you received my love
Now it's abundant, it overflows
Into shadowy places, into the coldness of the world
My love sustains you and carries you through
It is your refuge, your hiding place
You only want all of me, your love to burn so deep
To be set apart so this world can eat
Because I've captivated your secret place
It's where you dance, it's where your amazed
So let's stay here, let's talk, let's embrace
We have a lifetime here, let's dance slow 
To knit our hearts together even more
Because eternity is where we’re headin
To know eachother more 
Closer than before
I have all you've never felt before
I have it all waiting for you

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