Thursday, March 3, 2011

Not by any other name

Come to my window, throw your stones
I have no inspiration, no perception of your thoughts
I long to feel you breathe sublime reflections of your heart
Pen in hand, ink run dry, an ardour of life appeals my mind
I see your silhouette running along my walls
How quickly you came
No time to wish upon our favorite star
Its just us tonight, I title an empty page
Hold out my hand and wait for you to write
 End up with only a page full of our names entwined
You say goodnight, I long for tomorrow
Tomorrow comes and another page of names entwined follows
You say goodnight, I say “wait, you said only to ask”
“Look again, look and see what we are, 
not on the pages but go back to the start,
when you spent time writing your name in a heart with mine”
Left mesmerized by the greatest abstraction from divine interaction
I look at my pages and say you're the best
A more perfect reflection of my soul I cannot attest
Knowing the meaning of my name you’ve resurrected 
‘Whole, Complete, Healer, Universal’
 The very meaning of life, when in you intertwined, connected

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